The Ward One Project is a collaboration among University of South Carolina faculty, students and former Ward One residents to preserve the memories of the Ward One community in a mobile application.


         Since 2012, the Critical Interactives Class has combined students from computer science and the humanities to document and share the stories of Ward One. The class will continue to develop software that generates an interactive experience for visitors, parents, students and the Columbia community at large. Once finished, the Ward One mobile application will be available for download in the App store.



"I think it’s the students and the relationship with the community that promises to make the biggest impact to serve as an example for moving forward."

- Dr. Heidi Cooley, co-instructor of Critical Interactives


"We would also like this to be a platform and a prototype for doing similar presentations of similar material that might be controversial or simply obscured."

- Dr. Duncan Buell, co-instructor of Critical Interactives




To learn more about the Ward One Class and

Mobile App, visit The Ward One Project.